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Today I am Grateful For…

I am grateful that I remember a time before cell phones. A time when you had to wait for someone to call. You had to make plans and stick to them and trust that your friends would show up at a decided location at a predetermined time. Guys had to ask you out to your face. You had to blush and say yes or no. I am so glad I got through adolescence awkwardly making real connections with real people, learning how to make eye contact; rather than worrying about whether or not I should add another girl on Snapchat so I can see what her life is like and debating whether adding her the day after meeting her would be too weird. (I actually overheard this conversation between three 19 year olds in the gym locker room yesterday.) I am glad the social norms of my day were based on actual interpersonal interaction. If we wanted to be friends with someone, we just talked to them and became friends; perhaps we positioned ourselves favorably in history class so we could have a reason to speak to them. But we spoke to them. Directly. Like human beings. We experienced things in real-time instead of spending so much time documenting it all. I hope someday we as a society will learn to balance our use of social media and be normal people again. Let’s bring back the Art of Conversation.



I'm a thinker and a doer. A mother, teacher, wife, trying to maintain my own identity as I navigate this life. I have anxiety. I have hope. I live for the people I love, they fill me up. I find humor in some really inappropriate situations. This is my attempt to give myself freely, and show my reality to others. It's a small reality, a drop in the bucket of humanity, but I hope to feel at the end of my days like I lived a big life.

4 thoughts on “Today I am Grateful For…

  1. Agreed!!
    While I am glad to have have a smart phone, because people in my family are not well and may need urgent attention, I also find it easy to bind myself to it. So, about a month ago I decided to start keeping it near, in case of emergencies, but not on my person. I didn’t realize how dependent I was on it. I never felt like I was on it that much, compared to others. But I was wrong. I couldn’t tell what time it was so I bought a watch. I was constantly wondering if I had new emails for work. So I decided I should only check them once in the
    Morning and once in the late afternoon. If there’s something there that’s plenty of time to deal with it. I started limiting myself to only looking at FB once in the early morning and only for as long as it takes to drink a cup of coffee. My first cup is reserved for me and the silence of the morning in the dark by myself with my own thoughts. Last and more importantly I started making phone calls to my friends first and have a chat and then if they don’t answer I leave a real message to call me back. I do still text but these things I changed have left me feeling much more fulfilled everyday and all those little moments that were lost during the day checking my phone have come back to me ten fold!

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  2. The gold old days. I am 37 and like you experienced the world without the whole social media aspect. Where are the kids playing outside and waiting for their mom to yell that it was lunch or dinner outside the back porch. Sigh….I don’t know if you are in the USA but have you heard of the new TV show, This is Us? It is amazing and focuses on the days when we were young. You have a new follower and I can not wait to see whats next. -Bruce

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    1. I am 33, and very fortunate to live in a neighborhood where the kids play outside! I am in Colorado. I haven’t seen that she but The Goldbergs does the same trick! Nostalgic and heart warming.


      1. I live outside of Boston and rarely see any kids enjoying life like we use to. There is a school right down the street with me that has a playground and it is Saturday and there is not one person on it. We would have been all over it.


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