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Finding the Positive in the Chaos

Sitting on my couch, phone in hand, devouring post after post about Trump’s Muslim Ban I realize that I am doing the exact opposite of the goal I set for myself for 2017 – to find joy.

Part of achieving my goal of finding joy is to unplug. Considering that according to Simon Sinek, Facebook and other social media increase depression, it’s probably likely that unplugging from time to time is a good thing. I think there should be a period of time EVERY DAY set aside to unplug and experience life in real time. But, with all that’s going on, I find myself more plugged in than ever.

This is good and bad. Obviously being informed and involved is good… but I’m being drawn very far down into the rabbit hole, and it is causing me a lot of anxiety and unhappiness. It’s even effecting my marriage to a small extent. My husband has made comments about how I’m on my phone a lot. I’ve found myself (I’m ashamed to admit,) looking at my phone while we are watching our favorite sitcoms together. This is a treasured time, our favorite day of the week is Wednesday when our shows are on and we can sit and relax and have a laugh together… but I’m mired down and obsessing because there’s so much going on that I cannot control and it’s scary!

As sat here, I caught myself floating in the abyss. I thought I’d take a few minutes to re-focus on the reality of my own life. (That’s not to say I won’t work to help the reality of those less fortunate, but give myself some perspective on my own life.) Some life-affirming statements may be in order. I can’t go spiraling into depression, depleted of any gumption I may have had. That won’t help anyone.

I have a lovely home.

I have a lovely home where I live with a loving husband.

I live with a loving husband and a beautiful baby.

My loving husband takes care of our sweet, sweet dog.

We have jobs. We have everything we need. We have a good life.

It is OK to enjoy my life. It is OK to enjoy these things that not everyone has.

I took a step today that I never would have before. I drafted and sent an email to our Senator to encourage him to stand up against the Muslim Ban and all of Trump’s knee-jerk orders. I’ve sent post cards about education. I’ve rallied. I have been empowered to effect change and I will continue to use that power… but I will also enjoy my life, or what am I fighting for?

The sun will rise tomorrow. I will go teach children. I will go have coffee with my mom. I will cook my family dinner. I will read for Book Club. I will write my blog. I will thrive and rise up and live and burst with love. I will not let the man keep me down.




I'm a thinker and a doer. A mother, teacher, wife, trying to maintain my own identity as I navigate this life. I have anxiety. I have hope. I live for the people I love, they fill me up. I find humor in some really inappropriate situations. This is my attempt to give myself freely, and show my reality to others. It's a small reality, a drop in the bucket of humanity, but I hope to feel at the end of my days like I lived a big life.

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